What's New

PCCS has been busy this summer making upgrades and changes to the school.  We are excited to have all the students back this week so they can see all the cool new changes here!  Here's a list of all the new stuff you can expect this fall:

  • Library remodel
  • Two new small classrooms from the old computer lab - a room for the upper wing SPED and a room for the Kindergarten Plus program
  • Brand new bathroom sinks for the upper and lower wing
  • Playground expansion project spearheaded by the 21/22 Middle School Student Council
  • Groundbreaking of the new Outdoor Classroom (estimated to be finished October to November-ish)
  •  Our Adventure Fleet has grown to 4 vehicles and an enclosed cargo trailer.   We can now transport up to 60 students and all their gear on our trips!
  • New lunch ordering system (more information about this to come)
  • The Howl Report will now be published on our website!