Special Services


PCCS offers a Gifted and Talented program that is directly connected to classroom learning.  Certain academic criteria are necessary to qualify for this program.  A student may be referred for G/T testing by a teacher or parent/guardian.  If you have questions about the program or need a referral form, please contact your child’s teacher.  A copy of the program is available in the front office.


PCCS employs a part-time school counselor who meets with individual and small-groups of students. If you feel that your child needs to see the school counselor on a regular basis, you will be required to sign a counseling permission slip, which is available in the school office. If a PCCS staff member feels that your child is a good candidate for our school counseling services, we will speak to you before sending a permission slip home.


Our special education staff works with classroom teachers to ensure that each student’s needs are met in the least restrictive environment possible. If your child received special education services at another school before attending PCCS, we will continue those services. If your child needs to be referred for special education services, a referral form must be completed by the child’s teacher and the parent/guardian must sign a consent for testing. Speech, occupational, and physical therapy are currently offered at PCCS through Portneuf Medical Center. If you feel that your child should undergo testing to see if he/she qualifies for special education services, please discuss your concerns with the crew leader.