How To Be A Great Audience
Our Howl Reporters have created this video to demonstrate how to be a great audience for Speech Festival. Please enjoy!

From Mr. Mendive's newsletter:

Our students (and families) have been working hard to prepare for speech festival. There is often a lot of stress, anxiety, and/or excitement leading up to festival day. In order to honor our students' hard work, here is what you can do to help support them:

During the speech rounds the classrooms and halls are a quiet zone. If you need to step out with a small child or take a call, please walk down to the gym. Any talking or noises in the hallway can be disruptive for students performing their speeches.  

Cells phones need to be off or silenced.  

Signs will be posted on the outside of the doors. You may only enter between speeches (as to not interrupt the current performance). There will be a door monitor that will open the door between speeches.  

Names will be crossed out as students are called to perform their speech.

Please do not knock or rattle the doors.

Use quiet applause. This helps those that are sensitive to loud noises and also does not disrupt the room next door.