The Pocatello Community Charter School (PCCS) is a public school of choice, based on a charter, serving students from kindergarten through the eighth grade. Although this handbook contains much of the information in the charter, a copy of the actual PCCS charter is available for check-out in the PCCS office.


Through the Expeditionary Learning model, Pocatello Community Charter School creates a learning environment for students to develop a love of learning, think at a high level, work hard to overcome difficult challenges with no excuses, persist to achieve their personal best relative to previous performance, seek to improve the world around them, and treat others with kindness and respect. Our teachers, parents, and community are empowered to enable students to meet these expectations.


  • Resolved that PCCS is a school dedicated to parents and teachers working together for the betterment of the students

  • Resolved that PCCS is dedicated to child-centered, integrated, experiential learning that emphasizes innovation and flexibility.

  • Resolved that PCCS is committed to personal education plans for each student that academically challenge the student and a portfolio assessment that measures growth.

  • Resolved that PCCS is a multi-age and multi-intelligence school where diversity is celebrated and encouraged.

  • Resolved that the PCCS community and its associates will abide by the school’s core values.

    • A Can-Do Attitude

    • Respect for Diversity

    • Creative Leadership

    • Honesty and Integrity

    • Personal Responsibility